New Study refutes link between MMR vaccine, autism

A large study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the measles, mumps nd rubella vaccine does not increase the risk of autism spectrum disorder, even in children who are considered to be at an increased risk because of an older sibling with the disorder.  The findings revealed taht amongh the 95,727 children followed, the 2% with an older sibling with ASD had a greater risk of developing the disorder themselves, but the risk was not affected by whether they received the MMR vaccine.  (Healthday News (4/21), (Reuters 4/21)

"Again this reassures us all that the MMR vaccine is extremely safe and protects against serious disease like the recent measles outbreak in Oregon.  Make sure all children are up to date.  They should receive 2 doses by age 5."  Dr. Dunn

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Concussion may affect children's academic performance

"This confirms the recommendations that students generally should rest until recovered from concussions.  Contact your doctor if you have any questions."  Dr. Dunn

Researchers followed 349 students, ages 5-18, who had a concussion and found that 77% of those still recovering had difficulty taking notes and took longer to complete homework, while 88% experienced fatigue, headaches, had problems concentrating or found it difficult to understand lessons.  The findings, published in Pediatrics, also showed students with severe head injuries were more likely to have the most academic problems. (5/11)



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