What is Prescription Parks?
What is Prescription Parks?
Prescription Parks is a movement aiming to strengthen the connection between the healthcare system and the outdoor park and trail system in local communities. 


Sandpoint is part of a pilot study being observed by the Surgeon General and CDC and we would love to see our patients get involved!Our bodies were meant to move. A regular walking program improves obesity, diabetes, arthritis, depression, and decreases your risk of heart disease.  Make an appointment with your provider to learn how to get started!
For more information click here -www.Kaniksulandtrust.org 



LEVEL 1 – (Forest green) Couch to curb, paved surface, easy access, benches, parking, restrooms, short walk from car to destination, points of interest.

LEVEL 2 – (Blue) Paved Surface, benches, restrooms, points of interest.

LEVEL 3 - (Red) Unpaved trail, might have uneven surfaces, parking, slight incline and decline, easy access, limited access to restrooms, points of interest.

LEVEL 4 - (Purple) Destination trail, steady incline and decline, no restrooms, additional gear required: water, protective clothing and proper shoes.

LEVEL 5 - (Gray) Destination trail, steep incline and decline, no restrooms on trails, additional gear required: food, water, protective clothing and proper shoes.



LEVEL 1: Dover City Park, City Beach and City Beach Loop

LEVEL 2:  Travers Park, Sandpoint-Dover Community Trail, Dog Beach path & Sand Creek path, Long Bridge Pedestrian Bridge

LEVEL 3:   Pend d’Oreille Bay Trail

LEVEL 4:   Sherwood Forest, Gold Hill Trail #3

LEVEL 5:  Mickinnick Trail #13 & Schweitzer Mountain Resort Trail System


For park and trail maps: www.kaniksulandtrust.org






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