Electronic Medical Records

At Family Health Center we use a state-of-the-art Electronic Health Record (EHR) System.  EHRs offer many benefits to patients, physicians, and to the medical system in general.

Accessibility of Records

  • With an EHR, our physicians and staff have immediate access to  your chart, which allows us to be better prepared for visits as we can access any piece of information from your chart quickly and may even enable us to answer your questions on your initial call.

Patient Safety

  • One obvious benefit of electronic records is legibility.  While it is a common joke to make fun of some physician’s handwriting, the resulting misinterpretation is no laughing matter. EHRs resolve one of the most common reasons for medical mistakes.  Furthermore, our EHR has many safety features built in.  All medications prescribed are checked for contraindications with all of your other medications, allergies, and medical conditions.  The EHR also alerts providers and staff for overdue vaccinations and recommended care.

Patient Convenience

  • We value your time and our EHR helps us to provide care that is convenient for you.  Through our EHR, our physicians e-prescribe most medications during the visit directly to your pharmacy.  Oftentimes you are able to leave our office and pick up your medications at your pharmacy without any waiting.  Our secure patient portal allows you to directly communicate with your physician, while protecting your privacy.  The patient portal also offers an easy way to request medication refills or referrals.
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